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Sharing the Sean love.

Hi, all! I posted some Sean pic-spam in my journal tonight, and a friend directed me towards this comm. I thought it'd only be polite to share ;)

Prompted by the girls in my block watching National Treasure tonight. Behold, the eye candy:

As rogue agent Alec Trevelyan AKA 006 in Goldeneye.

Goldeneye again. Still pretty, even with one side of his face "scarred". I have a thing
for men named "Alec". It's one of my weaknesses. I blame Jensen Ackles and Dark Angel.

Bringing the pretty again in National Treasure, despite his decidedly strange hair.

National Treasure again. Phone sex.

As a megalomaniacal scientist in The Island. Ewan McGregor might be younger,
but Sean is just as pretty.

Not evil for a change in Flightplan, but still making women swoon.

Donning a tiny leather skirt for Troy. Even so, still more manly than Brad Pitt in this movie.

"Your boy toy cousin does not impress me, Achilles."

*insert joke about "blowing the horn of Gondor" here*

Voted the UK's second sexiest man in 2004. And rightly so.

The sex.

Apologies if these have all been shared before. Still, he's so damn sexy who'd really mind seeing them twice? Enjoy!

ETA: Forgot to add, all images are from, which has an awesome gallery.
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