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Here is a lovely story , which I don't think has been posted here yet.

From The Independent online, 12 October 2006, here.

Since tossing in a job at his father's Sheffield welding firm in the late Seventies, Sean Bean has established himself as one our toughest film stars.

Intriguing then that during his years of on-screen villainy, he has also developed a keen eye for art collecting.

On Tuesday night, Bean pitched up at London's SW1 gallery to view the new collection by India's Suhas Roy, whose work he came to admire when filming Sharpe in the subcontinent last year.

He left the gallery with one of Roy's mystical canvases, procured by parting with a substantial wedge of notes.

"I've always loved art, I actually wanted to be an artist before I started acting," Bean told me.

"I pick stuff up all over the world when I'm filming. I bought quite a lot in New Zealand a few years ago. I'm very passionate about it."

Not as passionate as he is about Sheffield United FC, naturally.

And here is an equally delightful picture to make this legal!

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