pfyre (pfyre) wrote in bean_daily,

"It's a wonderful thing to work with Sean Bean...."' Silent Hill' BTS...

can I just say how much I love the director's and producer's comments about casting Sean and about Sean's work?

while I must confess that 'Silent Hill' isn't my cup of tea - I'm ecstatic at least the people involved with the project realized what a gem they got when they cast Sean - unlike Bruckheimer with 'National Treasure' (and the BTS stuff for NT barely even mentioning Sean and/or his character Ian) or in 'Troy' in which if you watch the BTS stuff for that you'd think that Odysseus never existed much less that Sean was involved with the movie....

I've uploaded just the BTS Casting bit about Sean if people are interested....

if you'd like to download the video for your own files contact me directly

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