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One last shout out!

Just doing a final call for anyone who might have missed my last post about the Beanie Meet Up!
If you are going to be/can be in London on Friday November 17th, we'll be doing an early meet up at Harrod's at noon. If you can't make it that early, have no fear! We'll be meeting up with more people in the evening and heading north to Hampstead. Are we planning to head towards Sean's local? Do you really think we'd do something that juvenile and silly? We certainly are!
If you can join us and haven't already sent an email, drop us a line at beanmeetup(at)hotmail(dot)com!! So far, there's about ten of us going...so join in if you can!

A couple of people mentioned that Sheffield was more in their geographical range...Well, closet_hobbit and I will be heading up to Sheffield on Saturday November 18th to catch the Man U v. Blades game that afternoon...Anyone interested in meeting up there, even if it's just for lunch, email me directly at anna_rosa(at)livejournal(dot)com.

Let's grab a drink and head out onto the town!
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'Cos these things are always best when you're with friends....
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