malefide (malefide) wrote in bean_daily,

Hey all!

I just joined this fabulous group, so I thought it would be polite to raise my hand and say "Hello!" There, I did it. I also think some cookies would be in order, so help yourself under the cut...

Edited: Added credits for the picture, with a link to even more pictures.

I seem to have a particular fondness for this picture. Wonder why...

I wish I knew who should get credit for this one, alas I can't bloody remember where I found it. I will go look, and credit the person properly once I locate the info. If it's yours, just throw something at me or yell "Hey you!" and I will amend as necessary. I would also like to warn the lovely administrators of this group that this programmer with a few years of experience is completely clueless about LiveJournal. Thus, if I make a mistake, please don't shoot me. Instead, just show me where the mop is and I'll go clean up after myself. Thanks!

Found it! This is the board that the pics came from:     ...and yes, there are more...So, big thanks to the priceless DaniChatterley for sharing!

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