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Any video makers in the house?

Hi ladies!

For those who don't know this yet , we have a Sean Bean group at YouTube.com, where we talk about and post videos related to our favorite Northern Bastard ^_^

But lately people aren't posting videos as much as they used to, so I decided to start a Video Music contest and see what the fans will come up with!

As this is our first time there will be no rules, except the lenght of the video can't be longer than 5 minutes and your videos' info must say it's a video for this contest.

We'll have three categories: "Best Use of Music", "Best Use of Pictures" and "Best Music Video". (Is it just me or saying this aloud make it sound soooo conceited? *lol* ) 

This is a monthly themed contest, and this month's theme is "Rage". When you think about "Sean Bean" and "Rage" what comes to mind? Post the results on YouTube.com and let the other fans see it! 

Voting will begin on November 18 and we'll know the results on November 25.I hope to see all the video makers showing their works and to see the fans voting :)

If you're new to this and want to give a try at making a video, you can start using Windows Media Player (more info here)or VirtualDub. Both are very simple and very free :)


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