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Yeah! - Somebody Finally Got It RIGHT! -- *Updated* Heroes Redux: I Know Who Sylar Is! (Spoilery)

*Updated* Heroes Redux: I Know Who Sylar Is! (Spoilery)

Nov. 7, 2006 12:06 PM

*UPDATE: I just got the go-ahead from my source to reveal the identity of the actor who is playing Heroes' big baddie, Sylar. If you want to know, scroll below to the bolded text at the very end of this item!

[left--Sean Bean recently in an unaired pilot - Faceless]

Holy heroic goodness! Another stellar episode of Heroes last night, doncha think?

Here's what we learned...

Niki and D.L.'s little boy wonder, Micah, has the power to do what we all wish our phone service providers could do: Make the phone work! Obviously, the cute little tyke has the ability to alter technology, which means we have our first complete family--mom, dad and little one--of superheroes on Heroes! Does that mean it's genetic? If so, you gotta wonder what's up with the rest of the heroes' families, no?

Linderman has his hands all up in everyone's business, from Niki's debt to D.L.'s sentence to Nathan's campaign and now...Isaac's paintings, which just so happen to be the key to saving the world. Could Linderman be--gasp--Sylar?! Seems pretty obvious, does it not? Which is why, of course, Sylar is anyone but Linderman. (I hear he's someone you'd never expect.) And speaking of the show's big baddie...

I know many of you have seen that crazy posting that Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings) has been cast as Paul Sylar on Heroes. According to a source close to the show, "It's definitely not Bean." But I'm told the role of Sylar has been cast and that the role is "a big change from [the actor's] last job." And apparently, that last gig was on a network "not too far from E!" Any guesses? I'm going with Joan Rivers. Or, oooh, maybe Melissa.

[left--the REAL Sylar]

Ted, the nuclear freak of nature who inadvertently killed his wife, is our first bona fide hero whose powers, so far, have not been used for good. (Though I suppose the jury's still out on Niki.) Just to be clear, Teddy Bear is a hero with good intentions, but you also should pay close attention to the following line of his from last night's episode: "Maybe I'll explode! Maybe I'll take out this whole hospital! Maybe I'll wipe out this whole city like an atomic bomb!" (More on that below.)

Here's what lies ahead (spoilery)...

As we've seen from the promo, Isaac the painter is now in the hands of Horn Rimmed Glasses (HRG) and Eden (Stinkerbell). We'll learn of HRG's true intentions, and (as I've hinted for a while now) Horny is not as evil as he seems. In fact, Eden will be the one to give Isaac a very special gift that will change his life.

Ted wasn't kidding about that whole bomb thing. Let's just say if his power were to land in the wrong person's hands...well, that would be a very, very bad thing.

*NEW SCOOP: SYLAR'S IDENTITY.[hightlight to read text] Sources tell me that Sylar will be played by an actor named Zach Quinto. He's a cutie—yes, cutie!—who has popped up for small parts on a slew of shows we love (like 24, Crossing Jordan, CSI and Twins—okay, we'll forgive that last one) and most recently VH1's noTORIous, in which he played Tori Spelling's gay, Persian-American friend. I'm told Zach's fantastic in this role on Heroes (by someone who doesn't work for him, mind you), and that his character is the opposite of what you'd think it would be. Hmm...

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