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Support Jason Salkey

Support Jason Salkey

Please if you want to buy the definative look at the Series of Sharpe, with behind the scenes footage, photos, comments etc. Then please go to:
Rifleman Harris Official Jason Salkey Webpage

[left: Daragh O'Malley (Sgt. Patrick Harper) and Sean Bean (Richard Sharpe) from 'Rifleman Harris Diaries']

Do not buy pirate DVDs of The Harris Diaries! Buy them from Jason Salkey or just do not buy them at all!

Jason is not a big production or distribution Company .. he is one guy trying to give us a wonderful gift through his art. So lets give him our support!

Jason also has a MySpace page here: Rifleman Harris

He has not done much there yet but put in a friend request so we can get his page moving along ;)

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