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More Blades Book...

Sean kickstarts Blades book launch
Chris Bond

Hollywood filmstar Sean Bean was in his home town yesterday to launch a new book about his beloved Sheffield Utd.

The 47-year-old actor was at Bramall Lane, home to Yorkshire's only Premiership football team, to talk about Sheffield Utd FC: The Biography.

The book, which covers 150 years of history, including the club's humble beginnings, has been written by Bean's long-time friend, author and sport's lecturer Gary Armstrong and John Garrett from Sheffield Utd's Hall of Fame museum. The biography is a social history of a club often regarded as "the home of football" and includes rare archive photographs as well as stories and anecdotes never previously published. Bean, a Sheffield Utd supporter for nearly 40 years, and also a club director contributed the books forward.

He said: "In a city like Sheffield the club you support is rarely a matter of choice. Support is passed from generation to generation. My grandad was a Blade, my dad was a Blade – there was no way I was going to end up at Hillsborough, was there?"
02 December 2006 (here)

Can anyone improve upon this pic? The one that accompanies the article is way pixelated, but if you view it separately, this is what you get.

...is anyone else singing, "He's got leeeeeeegggs...and knows how to use them..." or would that just be me? *blush* I mean, GAH! He's totally doing it on purpose. *whimpers*
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