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Even more fun!

As promised, here are cappies from the BBC Look North programme.


I absolutely love her reaction! Upon closer inspection, she got to kiss him more than he actually kissed her...lucky broad! :-)

When I cap, I tend to have headphones on and I let my ITunes run wild on random. As I was staring paying attention to the screen, a song came up that I think perfectly sums up the dreamlike haze that this particular man can induce. The smile that launched a thousand...err...let's not go there. The song is in Polish, by a very popular group called Varius Manx. The video can be found here (yes, you will need Real Player to watch the video):

Translated lyrics:

Title: I Am One With You

I open the door, take my clothes off
And you welcome me with a smile
You hug me and say again
Those few beautiful words
Now I know...

You're with me, you're near, I am one with you
For those few moments
Your hands, my hair, our lips
For those few moments
Your words, your thoughts in my head
For those few moments
You're with me, you're near me
You're everything for those few moments

Now I know and feel that
What I've wanted is coming true
The world outside doesn't count
Because heaven is right here
Now I know...

Edit: Right, I forgot to add the link to the caps. D'OH! Here:

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