malefide (malefide) wrote in bean_daily,

Lady Chatterley

I completely forgot I had the Lady Chatterley DVD until my girlfriends rifled through my stash and found it. Kudos to girlfriends...Some of the caps here are Not Safe For Work!

I completely forgot how frightfully enchanting that movie is. My girlfriends seem to share my point of view. One of them, after watching the whole nine yards commented: "The gamekeeper that all the women would like to f**k". Yeah, no shit.

I'll be gone for a while, trying to process all of this, hopefully with the help of a glass of scotch or two. Damn, have I gotten myself into a dreamy, mind wandering state by watching this....

And, before I forget, linky to the caps. Click on thumbnails for nice, big pics.

Guhhhhh....Now Ladies, let your imagination run wild...

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