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It's that special time of year...

That's right, ladies. It's that time of year again. It's time for a solid two weeks of pic spams, story posts, and rallies. For those who complain about this...you get a helluva lot of pictures during this time of the year. We use images from everywhere and I've yet to hear a valid complaint that they're not anything but Guh-Worthy. And no one is forcing you to do anything. So enjoy the pics, ignore everything else, and let us have fun.

For the rest of us?

The VOTE FOR MOST ATTRACTIVE MAN OF THE YEAR is ON! As it has been asked of me, I should refamiliarize the troops with the basics...

Now, in what order was all this spitting and biting and tapping..? :-D
Well, you can do it the boring way - Bite, Pour, Spit, Tap, Cock, Present, Aim, FIRE! But that's not how a proper Beanie from the ranks does it, now is it?

But the correct manner is thus:

1. Look ruggedly disheveled and shaggable.

2. Adjust shako, if you haven't lost it already.

3. Make sniggery remarks about frogs to cheer up the lads.

4. Have weapon already loaded/have Perkins load. Bite.

5. Look unbelievably sexy amidst cannon smoke.

6. Pour.

7. Have Harper say something sensible that praises the Irish and damns the English without really insulting anyone.

8. Spit.

9. Look scruffy and now dirty from smoke plumes and gunpowder. Very sexy.

10. Tap. Work that rifle, baby! You don't need no stinkin ramrod to do your thrustin for ya!

11. Tell the lads the frogs won't stand, watch Hagman pick off officers one at a time. Bet on how long each officer will last before column actually arrives.

12. Cock. ...do I *really* need to say anything here? I thought not.

13. Look unbelievably sexy and aggressive and powerful and ROWR! *whimper*

14. Present! *wibbles* Chant along with froggie hymn - Vive la France! and wonder if they know any other songs.

15. Or forget 'Present!' and just bloody Aim!

16. Have you lost your shako yet? Tsk, tsk if you have. And you do. Often. It's amazing you still have it. Give Harper an extra pint of rum for keeping up with it.

17. FIRE! Look sexy admist own powder smoke.

18. Give rifle to Hagman (he's the best shot) for additional reloads/shots; unsheathe sword.

19. Look more ruggedly handsome than ever and raise sword high.

20. Bellow, "Come ON!" in that sexy accent of yours, then take off running (looong looong legs, yeah baybee!) and charge headfirst like a gorgeous (if slightly demented) madman into the fray!

Vote here, vote often. LET'S GET IT ON!

Remember: Votes count when the address reads as follows: presentar=resultado&reciente=false and presentar=ver&reciente=false. If you receive a true=error message, even when attached to a false, the vote does not count. If you receive a false with an additional =10 or =6 attached, the vote did not count. A false=-9 means cookies are wonky and the vote did not count - do not pass go, do not collect $200, try again in 15minutes. The Annual Vote is for entertainment purposes only. Our goal is that hopefully, placing well benefits Sean in positive ways. No Beans were harmed in the making of this rally, though we make no presumption over fangirl/boy injuries. May cause heart palpitations, hyperventilation, and excessive drooling. Laugh with other fangirls/boys as often as you vote. Most importantly, just plain have FUN. Sharpe brought to you by Bernard Cornwell. Sean Bean brought to you by Male Goodness Inc in association with Deity(ies) of Choice. Rally courtesy of wyldestarr.
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