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bean ramblings on the hitcher

this was the appeal to british actor sean bean who arrives on the set just as the hollywood fog rolls in
"he's just the most ruthless and calculating man... on the surface, anyway, bean says of ryder. "theres not a great deal of backhistory to this character. He's like a ghost. He doesn't seem to have any history. Even what he wears probably belonged to someone he dispatched in the past (sean laughs) He could be anyone. A regular guy - he could live on your street, in your neighborhood. And thats what I found fascinating. I could actually invent a backstory for him I could create his psyche and his personality. I am still not quite surewhat that is, and its very dificult to explain, but its in my head and thats where i find the instincts for this character. It's very immediate. Why does he do the things he does? Because he can. It's a turmoil inside this character - I'm not trying to defend him, but he is very complex. It's an exploding world of emotions in his head that are totally contradictory to each other, and in time he has harnessed that intensity and those emotions through intelligence and shrewdness."
one of those emotions, bean notes, is a sense of twisted amusement over the mayhem he causes. "he finds things quite humorous" the actor says of his interpretation of Ryder.
"things that we would find appalling and twisted, he seems to get some enjoyment from that _ it tickles him a little bit. And the audience will get some of that. It's a wrong way of thinking, but he knows that. And he smiles about it sometimes, while at others he finds it disgusting. I want to make Ryder as human as possible," bean continues, "if i have a chance to bring out his normal side, then thats what i'm trying to do. I mean, it's difficult to make an audience actually like this sort of character, but i'd like to thinktheres something there for them. In the beginning, they don't know who he is. He's just a guy at the gas station, trying to get a lift (itsmepeace: lift me baby!!)
Thats the interesting part, playing him as a personwho could be anyone...could be friendly...could be amiable..why not give this guy a ride? He's in trouble, he's in the rain, his car broke down, he's on the phone to his wife... or so it seems (more bean laughter)
So that was the interesting part. For the rest of the film, you get to know who this guy is,you know what he is doing, and so any moments of friendliness or humor that i can dredge out of the character, I thought that was important to give him some kind of counterbalance. I did not just want to play him as a monster. Thats easy to do, it's predictable and it dosen't give you anywhere to go.
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mayhem man ...would you give this man a ride?

oh, i hope you ladies enjoyed that.
there is more but my fingers are killing me
i'll post it later
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