Raparee (wyldestarr) wrote in bean_daily,

Almost there...

Okay, I know that normally during the annual, I do all these rally spams and I've done all of one this year, as I've been seriously waylaid with a noxious two week infection even the antibiotics haven't really kicked. I've been voting with you, but I've been a lot more quiet this year. However, the other ladies have been doing a brilliant job in my stead. We're doing great at the moment! We're nearly 10,000 up! But this is the big poll, the annual, and we need every vote we can get!

We're going for a record now...a personal one. We accrued 136 THOUSAND votes in our monthly vote. The annual is half the time and we're going for over half our votes. We're going for 75k and if we reach it, we're going to see just how close to 100 thousand we can get before the final tally is taken. This is endgame - the final few days before that final vote is cast. I know we can fire three rounds a minute. I know we can stand. But there's an Eagle out there just begging to be taken. And I know we want it.
Mid smoke and fire and shot and shell,
And to the very walls of hell,
But we shall stand and we shall stay
Over the hills and far away

What's goin on here, Pat?

Oh, nuthin sir. Nuthin at all.

Well sir, there be a funny lookin fella, bit like a baboon, so they say.


Aye sir, sorta funny lookin monkey. Likes to stick its arse in the air, so they say.

Bloody hell, Pat, I know what a bloody baboon is.

Yes sir, sorry sir. *pause...shuffles*

Spit it out, Pat.

*bright smile* Well sir, the ladies you see...they say he's causin a wee bit of trouble.

Dear gods. Should know better than to mess with the ladies.

Right you are, sir. Been a bit of shenanigans goin on.

*glower* Nowt with my ladies! Where's this bugger then?

Oh, no worries sir, no worries at all, sir. The ladies been takin care of him proper.

Oh no, sir! Not like that! Dedicated to you, so they are. In fact, they're tryin to outdo themselves to prove it! They're goin for an Eagle, but you didn't hear that from me, no sir.

An Eagle! My ladies never go after anythin easy, do they?

Course not, sir...they're your ladies. Mebbe you can even check in on them, afterwards sir. Keep their spirits up.

Ladies...I hear you need your spirits lifted...

Vote HERE for Most Attractive Man of the Year!

The Annual Vote is for fandom purposes only. A vote a day may keep the doctor away, but a vote every 15min keeps the robbies away! Rules of engagement are available upon request, s&h/p&p not included. Consumption of alcohol may increase enjoyment of voting and rally posts. Do not use heavy machinery while voting...cause what the hell are you doing out on that with a laptop?? Most importantly, just plain have FUN. Sharpe provided by Bernard Cornwell. Sean Bean courtesy of Sex-On-Legs Ltd. Rally posts courtesy of insanity, sleep debt, and giddiness from voting all day. Oh, and wyldestarr. Ooo, that's me! Vote ends January 18, 2007 (if Hello doesn't change their mind...again).
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