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Bean_Daily 4th. Anniversary...............Where I First Saw Sean....

Fantastic and wonderful that Bean_Daily is 4 years old and still going strong and attracting new members all the time, only confirming that Sean Bean is the best there is and always will be.
I first saw Sean in The Fifteen Streets, an adaptation of a Catherine Cookson novel, at the time (1989) the programme had a big build up on TV, loads of trailers and ads all building up the bright new actor Owen Teale, he was the *star*....but when it finally aired all I saw was Sean Bean, he was the nasty (really nasty) younger brother, I made it my business to follow his career as best as I could considering there was no internet then. When he got the part of Sharpe I was so excited I couldn't wait to see it and was not disappointed, I have never been disappointed by Seans performance in any project he has udertaken, but, I have been fed up with some of the actual projects - but he's always worth watching - and listening to :)

Sean as Dominic O'Brien
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