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Where I first saw Sean...

To be honest with you,I have no idea...All I know is that I was young,years back...It must have been Patriot Games,and I was like:"Wow,mum???Who's that cutie pie with the wonderful green eyes?"She didn't know...Some years later,I watched the Black Beauty and I was like"That movie sucks!Why did they show that guy only for a few seconds??Wait...Do I know him from somewhere??"And at the same da I watched Bond and I finally learned his name!!!!During those months,they had played Sharpe and I didn't watch it because I thought it was boring!!!Stupid me,I know!!!!
ut the Big Bang was when I went to see The Fellowship of the Ring at the movies...All my friends were drooling for the Elf and was like"Omg,what a Gondor masterepiece..."

That's all...Those eyes will be the death of me yet...

And Happy 4th Anniversary!!

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