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Sean Dream :)

When i read your dream, boz4pm, i decided to rumage through my dream Journal and find a dream of Bean that wasnt nc-17.  Shockingly there wernt that many that were nc17... but there were a few.  Anyway, here is one that i liked and wanted to share with you. 

I was walking over a bridge... i wasnt in the U.s., maybe england?  Anyway, i fell over the side of the bridge when i was reaching for something.  i turned quick enough and hung on to the side screaming help and i saw feet but people just looked at me, so i started to try to climb up myself.  (it was icy and cold.) and my fingers slipped again and i almost fell and someone grabbed my wrist.  I didnt even look up to see who it was, just grabbed onto his wrist and clung tightly and i was pulled over the side and got my self over the side with his help.

Me: *breathing hard and heart still pounding finaly turned to see who it was* You...  ? 
Sean:  You know me?
Me: Yes...
Sean: Your american?
me: yes (suddenly looking around for my purse...  I dont see it anywhere... ) oh shit. 

so i crawled over to the edge and see it way far down on the side of the bridge, all of my stuff on the ground and in the river around it.  i scream and jump up trying to find my way around the side of the trees and down the side of the river.  I grab my purse and hardly anything is in it.  By some stroke of luck i see the side of my passport and grab it.  i see some of my credit cards in the river and my cell phone shimmering in the bottom of the river.  the river has huge chunks of ice in it.  I almost make a move to go get it and feel someones hand on my shoulder then seans voice.

Sean: Dont, its just a phone.
Me: my credit cards are out there as well.  All i have is my pass port now and a little bit of money. 
Sean:  Where are you staying?
me: not far from here.  but my room key is in there as well *pointing to the river*

Sean: Come, lets get back onto the road.

I nodded followed him up, still shaking from my near fall. 

Sean: Who are you?
Me: My name is Brittany.
Sean: What are you doing here?
Me: i'm a journalist...
Sean: Oh... 
me: i'm not a gossip columnist...
Sean *smiled...*

So we walked to his house.  he said it wasnt his house but a town house that he kept in the area.  ( i guess a flat? ) and invited me inside.  So he hands me a phone and i call my cell phone and changed the message on  my phone.  I couldnt remember my hotel number so he told me to have them call his number in case they needed to get ahold of me.  I didnt say where i was.

So he made tea and i took off the LAYERS of clothing i had on.  I was wearing jeans and a tee when i was done. 

So we sat around drinking tea and chatted for awhile.
So it was getting late and we made dinner...
and then chatted some more... it was like we never ran out of things to talk about (and i couldnt stop listening to his voice).

so i was laying on the couch and falling asleep... we were drinking wine after and i look at the clock on the wall. 

me: well i guess i have to go.  the hotel is probrably wondering where i am
sean: You can just say here, we'll phone the hotel.
me: really?
sean: *laughs*

i finally remembered what hotel i was staying at and i talked to the front desk and told them what had happened.  They said they'd hold the room one more day for me to get my stuff.  i thanked them and then got off the phone.

Sean: Things taken care of?
me: yes... *smiles*

i walked up and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek...  and he smiled and looked down at me and i kissed him on the lips and then smiled at him.

We got into a small conversation on how he was old enough to be my father... i said i didnt care... and then we headed off to his room ...

nothing happened, we just slept and talked some more. (some kissing ^_^ )
then i finally fell asleep....  and woke up when i fell asleep in the dream.

ehhheheheh :)
that was a good dream. 

     This seemed oddly fitting :)

My hero :)


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