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Robin Hood Event

Since no one's posted about this here yet, I thought I would. Behind the cut are links to the online articles, a few pics, and two videos. Hopefully someone will post their stand-alone vids and screencaps since the online links for them don't work for everybody.

Here are links to the online articles:

Stars' date with a legend - Yorkshire Post

Our Sean is a Real Robin Hood - Sheffield Today (thanks to Barb on the Buffs for spotting this)

Actors Unveil Robin Hood Statue - BBC News

Videos: (thanks to pudge on bbb for spotting the first one!)
There are two video clips up there now - one is the original opening, and one is about nottingham not liking that yorkshire has snagged robin hood for their own -- sean is in both clips. I can't get them to link directly, so if you go to this page below and look in the right column, you'll see them. One is called Merry Men Unveil Hood Statue and one is called Brassed Off Over Hood Statue.
Go Here

Some pics:


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