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Cultured AND rough

Hey, I was just randomly browsing around and I saw an article on Sophia Bush in Ocean Drive Magazine where she talks about Sean. Thought I'd share it.

How was working with Sean Bean? Did he teach you any Sheffield slang? I love Sean Bean. I just love him. We kept our distance at the beginning, because I was supposed to be afraid of him, so I didn’t want to become too close too fast. So instead of doing the typical thing, where the actors all go to dinner to get to know each other, we just let the relationship develop very slowly, almost at a distance. But I was immediately impressed because he’s so well-mannered and intelligent. And he’s very thoughtful—I mean, everything he says is cultured and meaningful. So the first time I heard him say, ‘F***,’ I laughed so much I thought I’d die from lack of oxygen.

Oh, and loads of random pictures behind the cut that I haven't seen before. Most of them are rather old and have probably been on here a billion times before..

Leather Bean

Happy Bean

The famous Blade Tat (Sad loss today :-( )

Drinking Bean

Brainy Bean

young bean

Bye, Bean!

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